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what are smart shops and what exactly do they sell?

A smart shop is a shop that specializes in the sale of psychoactive substances, including mostly natural psychedelics, and related literature and accessories. The name comes from the so-called smart drugs, a group of herbs and nutritional supplements whose purpose is to stimulate cognitive abilities. the products that are sold in a smart shop are mainly natural and all legal. Smart shops sell magic truffles, vitamins, weed seeds, mushroom grown kits, and various souvenirs and arts.


Because of the unique experience of truffles, these have become very popular in recent years. The Magic Truffles from McSmart are therefore very popular.

Truffles grow underground and never rise above the ground, while Magic Mushrooms rise above the ground. So they are both grown in a different way. Both parts provide psychedelic effects.

You can use these Magic Truffles in different ways. The length of the trip also varies. A trip can take 3 to 6 hours. In this trip you can experience changes in emotions and your muscles can feel relaxed.

Feel free to visit our store if you want more information about magic truffles. 

Salvia is an herb with an incomparable psychedelic effect.  The powerful effect promises an overwhelming and very intense effect.This powerful herb was used by the shamans in religious and healing rituals. It is a visionary product, whose active ingredient Salvinorin A cannot be compared with other hallucinogenic products. Pure it is extremely strong and therefore prohibited in several countries, but the products offered here are safe and not addictive.

Use: Chewing produces a longer lasting but milder effect than smoking usual in the West. Smoking salvia extracts causes dissociation and intense, atypical hallucinations. The effect comes on quickly in case of smoking and lasts about 60 minutes. Most users describe the experience as pleasant, sometimes even spiritual. Experience has shown that it is recommended to smoke salvia in a small hand pipe. Use a storm lighter for the best combustion. Keep the smoke in your lungs for as long as possible as soon as you exhale the salvia immediately starts working. 
Kratom spice effects
Kratom or mitragyna speciose has a strong effect on your mood and energy. It will reduce anxiety, give the user an overall happy feeling, active and a strong desire to work. If you take a small amount of kratom spice the user will get a more energized feeling while in higher doses kratom makes the user calm down and sedative. Kratom is not a psychedelic although the alkaloids are related to psychedelic substances. Kratom is often compared to opium because of its narcotic and painkilling effects.

Tips for using kratom
You can consume kratom in different methods. Kratom can be smoked, chewed or consumed in a tea. You can either buy kratom powder, kratom capsules or even kratom teabags. 
The most common method is making kratom tea. Always check the products specifications for the right kratom dosage. If making a tea make sure the kratom is well absorbed in the boiling water. You can add honey for a more pleasant taste. 
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